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Škodaverse Hoodies Gen-0

nft hoodienft hoodie

This phygital merch drop is a collaboration between Škodaverse x LTD.INC and co-created with Dario De Siena, ZafGod and MOYA. Škodaverse is the Web3 initiative at Škoda Auto. This phygital merch drop is the way of exploring cutting edge technology of blockchain, product ownership, authenticity and co-creation with the community. Škodaverse x "The One" This one-of-one original hoodie features the designs of all three artists and will live forever immortalized in the Skodaverse vault.

The Škodaverse Hoodie Gen-0 is a project created for the community by the community. It all started with an open call competition to the artists and supporters of Škodaverse. The assignment for participants was to create an original design for the back of the hoodie and creative interpretation of the Škodaverse logo for the front.

In the end, we received so many incredible designs from talented artists and designers that we decided to select three winners: Dario De Siena, ZafGod and MOYA, whose art will be featured on the one hundred Škodaverse hoodies.

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